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Locksmith Services


2601 Mission St.00 PM

Downtown Location:

199 John B. White Sr. Blvd
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

Tel: (864) 583-2150 or (864) 707-5015

Fax: (864) 583-8595



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Shop Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Emergency Services: 24/7



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Why Ellis?


  1. Ellis Repair Service Locksmith is Spartanburg, South Carolina's oldest and most respected locksmith shop.  We offer a  downtown location to serve you. 

  2. In today’s environment it is more important than ever to hire a security company that passes all of the necessary registrations, certifications, and insurance requirements and licenses mandated by law. In South Carolina, believe it or not, a. locksmith does not have to be licensed to operate a locksmith business.  That means anyone can operate as a locksmith in the state of South Carolina without a license, background check or no regulatory service regulating them to have checks and balances to make sure they have a retail license, insurance to protect your personal property against their neglagence… we’re talking about your security here. ALL Ellis Repair Service technicians have had  background checks and fingerprinted. Our customers can be assured when they choose Ellis Repair Service Locksmith  for their security needs they are protected.  KNOW WHO TO TRUST!

  3. We are an authorized Medeco Dealer: Medeco is the leading manufacturer of High Security Locks in the world.  Being an authorized dealer allows us to have a direct line of communication with the most important lock security brand in America for the benefit of you, our customer.  Medeco Locks, nobody knows it better than us in the Upstate of South Carolina.

  4. Locally-Owned & Operated: You want your locksmith to be a Local Business.  

    Also we have a shop you can visit Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

    Buyer Beware

    Regretfully, several shady individuals posing as professional locksmiths are using technology like the internet and flooding telephone directories for malicious intent to defraud and confuse you, the unsuspecting consumer. Locksmith  Scams have been widely documented; one of their modus-operandi is to open an out-of-state office with hundreds of re-routed 1-800 numbers in as many cities using illegal tactics like deceptive advertising and identity theft to deviate service calls to their hideout locations. Making it very difficult to locate them if you have a problem after services are rendered.

    Ellis Repair Service Locksmith  has been locally-owned and operated since 1954 and now we have added a second location

    Protect yourself by programming our number into your phone so in an emergency you will not fall prey to scammers. 864-583-2150 or 864-707-5015


  5. Background Checks
    A basic rule of thumb for any security company is to perform background checks on all employees. Your Security is our responsibility and one that we take very seriously.


  6. We have our Vehicles and shirts marked with our logo: We provide professional shirts to all our locksmiths and all of our vehicles are clearly recognizable with our logo design and company information. 
    Why is this important? 
    You will have peace of mind when our technicians arrives wearing our company shirt and in an identified service vehicle with our company logo and contact information.


  7. We hire skillful technicians in the market and or train them and send them to certified locksmith schools. Ellis Repair Service Locksmiths are always continuing their education to keep pace with our ever changing locksmith profession. On the other hand, an unskilled locksmith will turn the simplest tasks into a costly mistake that you will have to pay for. Illegitimate locksmith operations hire agents by long distance without background checks or skill tests whose only task is to show up for lockout service calls and charge as much as possible to unsuspecting consumers. We can’t say it enough, KNOW WHO TO TRUST!

  8. We have two Locations to serve you: We cut keys, repairs locks and sell everything from decorative door hardware to sliding door locks, padlocks and more 


  9. Our business is based on your satisfaction. You’ll find the best door hardware and security products from the most reputable manufacturers in the field, professionally installed by our technicians, insuring quality, value, and reliability. We only offer products from manufacturers that stand behind them.


  10. We are not the cheapest: Or are we? Do Not become a Victim to the bait and switch pricing. Why would you want to hire somebody who promises to do a $15-$25 dollar service call and then overcharge you in a vulnerable moment.  This is when cheap becomes expensive. Ellis Repair Service Locksmith will always quote you prices BEFORE work is performed, you just might be saving hundreds by not going with the "cheap" bait and switch.

     For an Emergency Locksmith


    Call (864) 583-2150 or (864) 707-5015

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